Mental Work: 

  • Business Validation Services
  • Crowdfunding Consulting
  • Scholarship Search Program
    • Like Grant Writing Service 
  • Thinking Coach
  • DDA Mass Window Washing
  • What would an financial planer in the social capital world look like.

Manual Work

  • Laser Rust Removing
  • Traveling Barista 
  • Insure Photo - Collect photos for insurance providers.  

Digital Work 

  • Super Mario Smash Brothers Tournament
  • Notary Of Republic WeedMaps
  • Squarespace Design Community
  • freestockphotos.list
  • Branding Canvas
  • Jump Roping Ecourse
    • Competitors
  • Chrome Plugin Review Site
  • Write things into Wikipedia seo service. 
    • Terms Of Use Problems 
  • Gig Planner Alternative DJ Planner
  • Yoga Scheduling Tool 
  • Peer-to-peer camera rental service 
  • Gray Screen App
  • Add Note Above Mac Menu Bar
    • 4-11 MM beads
    • Beads have diffrent number of faces
    • Rudraksha and sandalwood beads
    • Bulk Rudraksha Beads: 
  • I Am Available to Hangout App
  • Farms Market Website
  • Public WiFi With Ads
  • Muse Site
  • PhotoBooth Review Site
  • PhotoBooth Print Template Site
  • Face Review Flashcard app.
  • An style planning app where you upload pictures of your closs and have a designer match them for you.
  • Small Business Referral Programs
    • Trello Notes


  • Imposter For The Day T.V. Show
  • How To Tiny


  • Blog tour company - Work with bloggers to land guest posting gigs. 
  • Meditation Ecourse
  • Photobooth Association
  • Create Livingston Live Draft Site


  • DJ Your Own Wedding. 
  • Smart Move Book
  • Custom engraving company using makerspace in ann arbor. 
  • Manufacturing shop that allow small businesses like Floorheat, Motor City Smokers and Just duckin ect to outsource the building of their items. Business hires high schoolers are ex cons to run. 
  • Office in a box - All of the needed office supplies in a box. 
    • Coworking setup 
  • Drone Associations
  • Amazon Book Systems
  • Used Car Inspector Like Home Inspection
  • Amazon Arbitrage
  • What if there was a place that you could go and by a prepared meal for you house. Maybe only make 1-3 meal options a day. Maybe have a delivery option. You could do like a rice and beans version that people like me would by into


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