What's a dossier? 

I'm a curious guy and I'm probably most curious about myself. Which is probably why I tend to do a lot of self exploration and documentation.

This is a personal dossier (or collections of documents on a particular person) about myself. It's ever changing and is full of experimental ideas which is why its a bit of mess.  

I's true that I don't quite know who I am, how life works or what I'm doing here I do know that understanding myself and sharing that understanding with other bring clarity, connection and hopefully positive change. 

As this whole site is more for my benefit then for your's you can expect to find these notes criptica at best and illegible at worst. Use them to better understand how I see the world, to find faults in my syllogismes or to learn how to scam me. 


I tried. I really tried to make a once stence zinger of a mission statement but I couldn't. Sorry Steven Covey. 

This culturally collective set of concepts guide my feeling which influence my thoughts which result in my actions. While I am constantly surprised about the amount of cognitive dissidence I can exhibit these concepts still are part of who I am now and guide the way I engage with life. 


Tikkun Olam

This word roughly translates "repair of the world." The concept is that the world was whole (think beautiful tapestry) which has broken and it is the role of each individual to reweave there part of the tapestry and help repair the world. Pronounced: Tea Co O Lum Wikipedia, On Being



Kaizen is a Japanese term referencing continuous improvement over time. The concept states it is wise to keep improving in all areas little by little without stop. Wikipedia


Service To Others

When I serve myself I serve others as there is a part of me in them and a part of them in me.

If I foucses on Serving other I will do well.



Simple is better than complex most times. However when somthing in esence is complex besing reductionistic is not wise.

Service To Others.png

Better By Sunset

The world should be a little better by the time I go to bed because I was in the world today. The world should be better by the time I dye because I was here.

Probably stems from a desire to prove my value to the world so that I will be accepted and afirmed.

This Very Moment

This very moment is more important than the last of the next.

In this very moment I have enough. In this very moment i am alright. In this very moment I can do good.

Everyday life is the way of Buddha. The way of buddha is everydat life.

Service To Others (3).png

Truth Is Worth Seeking

There are qualitative truths and quantitative truths. Both are true but sometimes contradict.

See Koan for more. Wikipedia

"For nothing worthy proving can be proven" ~ Alfred Tennyson


Well designed systems is the highest form of art.

pareto principle.png

Good Enough

Pareto Principle states that 20% of work tends to account for 80% of results. While not always wise following this principle of diminishing returns and letting something be 'good enough' even though I want it to be better leads me to live a more effective life.

I find that this principle also helps me overcome the fear of change by interaly saying "what the hell lets try it" and then get moving.

Service To Others (2).png


I own nothing but am a steward of others things, talent, and idea.

Definitely a leftover from my days as a Baptists.


What I Get Paid For

I'm a Field. Fields are eternally doing projects and I am no exception. Some pay me and others don't. Here is what I actually get paid for. 


Building Websites

As an owner of the Orange Cube Group I get to help businesses grow and tell stories by creating websites. Businesses hire me to update or create a website for them.

Web Developers are a dime a dozen. When clients work with me they can expect to build their website in one, hardcore day with a team of experts that are not afraid to use prosumer tools. 

google Marketing 

I have been using Google to grow businesses since I was in high school. Not only do I teach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Listing tactics to other online marketing organizations, I get to manage some solid AdWords campaigns for clients all over the world.



Operations Coaching

There are few thing more beautiful than a well-built and updated system. I find so much joy in helping others create, and more importantly implement, systems that leverage both people and technology.

It's been a great gift to take this joy of mine and get paid by some businesses to review their business top-to-bottom, not only making recommendations that will help them make a bigger difference in the world but stay with them throughout the implementation process.

Where Spencer Is Headed

I've never been above copying other peoples' ideas (thank you  T. S. Eliot), which is good because creating a comprehensive compartmentalization plan for my future plans was going to take more coffee than I have left in my mug right now. So I'm going to use Ziglar's 7 areas of life model.

Update: 5 year plans are wonderful things. However, I don't have one. After a lot of conversations, introspection, mind maps, and reading I am greeting each day with an open heart and letting go of worrying about not having a solid plan.



Where I came from: Most of my income I have generated myself, independent of a boss. From a young age I would do odd jobs and always be landing gigs. A few small businesses occupied my middle school and high school years, and I was forever flipping things on eBay (arbitrage for the win). Working for a greenhouse and a church taught me how not to run a business, which lead me to start Spearpoint Communications and then Orange Cube Group. 

Where I am now: 80% of my time is spent running Orange Cube Group, which does online marketing and website development. I split my time between team management, communications, client interactions, and sales with a few boughs of strategic planning here and there. The other 20% of the time I spend doing operations consulting and process optimization, which I would like to grow. 

Where I am going: Despite the overwhelmingly poor response it received on Facebook I still believe this sentence best sums up where I am looking to go: "I want to participate in an actualizing business development team with rapid and immersive implementation flows."

Here is a breakdown of what I was trying to say but clearly failed at:

I want to participate in an actualizing business development team with rapid and immersive implementation flows.

To help me reach that goal I am working on building a portfolio of projects that both allow me to refine abilities and to demonstrate competence. 

Read more on my career goals.



Where I came from: I've normally had a rather diverse group of friends who were all older than I, which was more notable for its breadth than its depth. This group tended to turnover quickly as I tended to move every few years in my early years. These friendships were almost exclusively founded around a church, neighborhood, or school connection. Those circumstances played a major role in my leadership development as they forced me to form and lead a new social group that I could be apart of, which I found much easier than breaking into established social groups. 

Where I am now: As any early 20-something I am seeing massive shifts as friends get married, move, and as I pivot dramatically from my three main social groups of church, school, and work. I could easily pack a party with people who would qualify as friends but would have a very short list of people to call if I was drunk at a bar one night and needed a ride. 

Where I am going: Continuing to learn that I can feel connected without other people around me, and my internal well-being does not rely on relationships with other people. I am, however, counterbalancing this with the desire to develop a few relationships with people whose intellect, passion, and self-awareness will push me to reconsider how I see life. 



Where I came from: The Protestant perspective of finances and my parents instruction taught me solid personal money management, but negated any excursion in investing. Since I can remember I have always had a savings account and maintained a personal budget. Money was earned through work and not an expectation. This, I believe, explains my low level of feeling entitlement as compared to the archetype of my generation. 

Where I am now: Paying cash for college and having an inexpensive car has enabled me to be debt free, which is a state I plan to maintain. Running the Orange Cube Group has allowed me to be financially stable but not greatly prosperous. I am, however, working to max out retirement accounts. 

Where I am going: Turns out that being a Minimalist who focuses on internal experiences is an inexpensive way to live. I would like to lock-in a nest egg, providing me a limited amount of financial freedom to allow some more psychological freedom and to risk more in business. 

The sole reason I anticipate to grow a large amount of capital is for future business investment, which I do to live out my desire to make the world a better place rather than for personal gain. 



Where I have come from: My family might best be described as: politically conservative, devoutly protestant (with a work ethic to match), and solidly middle class. I found myself with a younger brother who was never a close friend and the opposite from me in most meaningful ways. My parental relations were strained at times but spent most of the time in a state of respectful annoyance. 

Where I am now: I find my nuclear family to be turning into peers who do not engage with life in the ways that I see as meaningful. While feeling a social obligation to care for them I am not particularly close to them. The extended family I have is relegated to holiday festivities and not much more. 

Where I am going: I find it unlikely that I will develop a biological family of my own and will probably learn to build a social family. The numbers are just not in my favor, from my little bit of number crunching I have done (thank you college statistics). 0.06% of the population would be someone who I would be likely to have a long-term relationship with.



Where I came from: After 19 years sitting in church pews as a bible memorizing, team leading, small group teaching, Apologetics nut Protestant (think Baptists meets Evangelical Presbyterian), I came to the well researched, thoroughly discussed, and quite painful conclusion that I had been wrong.

Where I am now: As of this moment, I believe that the concept of God is a social construct brought about in part through evolutionary psychology, as a tool to encourage social bonding and enable a newly conscious being to cope with the meaningless of life which was leading to suicidal and socially harmful activities.

Paradoxically, I also believe that humans have a soul to be qualitatively true.

Where I am going: Spiritual life and social life have forever been intertwined for me. In this next phase of my spiritual growth, I intend to find some separation and develop a deeper personal spirituality, following many of the traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. However, I do not expect to take precepts.


Mental And Learning

Where I came from: "Why" was probably the first word I said. Thankfully, I was homeschooled which allowed me to dive into what I found interesting and I have spent thousands of hours reading philosophy, theology and consuming material on just about every other topic there is. You name it and I can probably talk intelligently about it (with the notable exceptions of sports, pop culture, and media). 

Where I am now:  Tim Farris convinced me that a low information diet enables expertise which has been a massive shift for me. While I continue to spend hours consuming content, I focus on philosophy, business development, and mindfulness. But most Sunday afternoons you will find me binge reading Wikipedia, not to mention consuming massive amounts of podcasts and audio books on random topics from good suspension bridge design to gender roles in Zambia. 

Meditation and mindful living have become increasingly important parts of my day and occupy quite a bit of my time.

Where I am going: My intellectual community was ravaged when I left the church, which is leading me to pursue building a new one as soon as possible. I'm also beginning to reprocess what I learned in college and review the massive amounts of notes I have on random topics. It's come to my attention that if I review content a few times I am more likely to remember it and find it useful, thus this Facebook page of the some of content I consume.



You can clearly see how much mental energy I spend in this area of my life by the comparative lack of content here.

Where I came from: I have always been a fat but active guy. 

Where I am now: Engaging in both a personal and communal practice of yoga, which totals 10 hours or so a week. Add in a few rounds of Ultimate Frisbee and you have my workout routine. 

Where I am going: I would like to add in 1-2 days of light weight lifting as well as lock in my intermediate fasting plans. It would also probably be a good idea to track my food intake and get some feedback on it. 

Others sometimes find it notable that I don't consider weight loss to be a major goal of my physical goals. I often point them to this podcast by Adam Ruins Everything.

Spencer's Seven Dutys 

While I have written more expensive on this topic other places here is a quick overview of the duties that I believe I hold to areas of life. These duty shape the way I live my days and thus the way I live my life. 

  • Ontological Duty: Repair the broken parts of the world. 
  • My Social Duty: Recognize the basic goodness in people and build communties to enable growth, enjoyment, and change. 
  • Professional Duty: Enable change as a fiduciary advisor by maximizing peoples strengths. 
  • Physical Duty: My body is a beautiful tool that needs maintenance but is not a living sculpture. 
  • Mental Duty: Live awakened, be open to change, calange the Status Quo, Reconise and optimize systems
  • Familiar Duty: Expand family beyond biology limits and practice mutual sacrifice.   
  • Spiritual Duty: Internalize that the left brain knows thing the right brain does not. 

Yes yes I know this type of list is reductionistic but that's not going to stop me from listing some preferences.

Tea > Coffee
Podcasts > Music
Yoga > Football
Playing Sports > Watching Sports
Wake > Sleep
Ask > Answer
Learn > Play
Produce > Consume
Alow > Force
Be > Do
Joy > Happiness
Change > Stall
Quality > Quantity
Meaningfulness > Simplicity
Honesty > Comfort


I'm A...

Policy Debate Teacher
Business Owner
Problem Solver
Pain In The Ass
Yoga Teacher
Business Coach