What's Doubt On Tap

Doubt On Tap is a weekly, public, conversation about hard topics held at pubs and breweries.  People from all types of backgrounds come to talk about one topic a week in a round table of your peers. 

When you come to Doubt On Tap you can expect to walk in and grab a drink or a pub snack. Find the group (contact the moderator of your group to make this easy). Pull up a chair and settlin. At 8pm ish we will get started with the moderator giving context to the conversation. The conversion start and one personal will talk at a time, rabbit trails will emerge and will be followed. After 60 minutes the moderate will bring the conversation to and end. Some time people hangout afterwards and some leave straight afterwards. It's all your call. 



Why join in Doubt On Tap?

You might join in to relize people other then you are real. 

You might join in to talk about your ideas in a judgment free zone #planetfitness. 

You might join in because you want to be part of a larger comunity. 


What are the rule at Doubt On Tap? 

  1. Everyone had to respect one another. 
  2. Everyone has to talk. 
  3. We end in one hour. We might start a little late but it will be a 60 minute conversation. 
  4. There has to be a moderate. In Yiplantie this is notmaly Dan, in Brighton this tends to be Spencer. 
Doubt On Tap

Doubt On Tap FAQ's

Is it weird if I don't drink alcohol? Nop. 

Is this an argument?  We try to conversational. Not confrontational.But we also bend that rule quite often. 

Are the topics ances ahead of time? Yes. Checkout the facebook page for the topic. 


Doubt On Tap Locations

Here is a list of the current Doubt On Tap locations. If you are interested in hosting your own conversation contact Dan Rose.


Yiplanati, Michigan

This is the original Doubt On Tap and it's hosted most every Tuesday 8pm at the Ypsi Ale House. Dan Rose is the moderator most nights. Checkout the facebook page for more info. 

Brighton, Michigan

The first spin of is hosted by Spencer Field at Brewery Becker on one Thursday a month. To find which Thursday this is head over to the facebook page.