It all started with the sticker chart on the fridge door growing up. Spencer did go things and he got stars. If he did bad things he got stars taken away. He could use stars to get stuff he wanted. Capitalism101 for a 3 year old Spencer.

Spencer would like to be internally motivated to go for a run, balance his checkbook or brush his teeth or other such thing that are good for him but as a human but he also lacks unlimited self control to force himself to do good things. So as a hack he started using an external motovation in the context of a game to get him to do things. IE Spencer might not call his parents once a week to check in just becauase he should as a good son but you better bet he will give his parents a call to get those three extra points.

Idealy Spencer would have a super human amount of self control to bring him self to do the optimial things in his life but when that fails games step in.

This passive hack Spencer had been using for a few years started to become formalized after watching this Ted Talk by Jane McConigal on personal Gamification. Here are some of the strucural elements I learned from that talk:

Security Identify: Your self conceptualization is messy and might slow you do. Consider crafting am alternative idity you can emboide when working on this project.

I might now be willing to go talk to that cuite guy over the by alter ego Norbert The Bull Rider might be able to.

*this tactic might produce psychotic breaks if you already have multi personality disorder isses*

Allies: Do this with real humans who are committed and are going to help you do this. Don't be the one leading the charge on this. You have enough to do.

You want you allies to be on this adventure with you battling their own bad guys and overcoming their challenges.

The Bad Guys:

These are things that hold you back from your goals.

Power Ups:

These are little simple activities that can make you feel even a little bit better or give you a little boost in the right direction.

Power Up List:

Physical Resilience:

  1. Standup and walk 10 steps.

Mental Resilience:

  1. Snap your fingers exactly 50 times

  2. Count backwards from 100 by 2.

  3. Points for doing something I don't want to do. Doing something begrudgingly but doing it.

  4. Making and keeping a promise to myself.

  5. Breaking a mental loop. Social Media...

  6. Listening to and acting on my gut.

  7. Points for writing down little notes and ideas when I don't want to.

  8. Points for moving back into flow.

  9. Points for choosing to stay in the flow instead of leave it for something I know is a distraction.

Emotional Resilience:

  1. Find a window and look or out of.

  2. Look at your favorite baby animal pictures.

  3. Spend 60 seconds visualizing your positive future.

Social Resilience:

  1. Express gratitude to someon in writing.

  2. Touch someone for 6 seconds or more .


  • Mindfulness in eating challenge.