Hey, I'm Spencer Field. Welcome to my website. 

The status quo is rearly good enough for me and I plan to do something about it. On this site you can find an overview of who I am, the projects I am working on, where I want to go next and a bunch of other random things (including what I think of shoes). Think of this site as part resume, part external processing, but mostly an online junkdrawer

If You Want To Get In My Head Read This. 

While I don't quite know who I am, how life works or what I'm doing here I do know that understanding myself and sharing that understanding with other bring clarity and connection. After much tinking with the format I think this might be my best attempt to share my world view. 


7 Point Overview Of Spencer. 

While I have written more exnsivly on this topic other places here is a quick overview of the dutys that I belive I hold to areas of life. These duty shape the way I live my days and thus the way I live my life. 

Ontological Duty: Repair the broken parts of the world. 

My Social Duty: Recognize the basic goodness in people and build communties to enable growth, enjoyment, and change. 

Professional Duty: Enable change as a fiduciary advisor by maximizing peoples strengths. 

Physical Duty: My body is a beautiful tool that needs maintenance but is not a living sculpture. 

Mental Duty: Live awakened, be open to change, calange the Status Quo, Reconise and optimize systems

Familiar Duty: Expand family beyond biology limits and practice mutual sacrifice.   

Spiritual Duty: Internalize that the left brain knows thing the right brain does not. 



Formative concepts 

This culturely collective set of concepts guide my feeling which inflence my thoughts which resualt in my actions. While I am constantly suprixed about the amout of cognative disidance I can exsibate these concepts still are part of how I am. 

  • Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement
  • Tikkun Olam: I participate in world repair. 
  • Pareto Principle: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
  • Tathāgatagarbha: All sentient beings have luminous minds. 
  • Stewardship: I own nothing but am a steward of others things, talent, and idea. 
  • Sharpen the saw
  • I can learn from everyone. 

I'm A...

  • Minimalist
  • Policy Debate Teacher
  • Business Owner

  • Tea > Coffee
  • Podcasts > Music
  • Yoga > Football
  • Playing Sports > Watching Sports
  • Wake > Sleep
  • Ask > Answer
  • Learn > Play
  • Produce > Consume