It's so strange to me, since I would consider myself musically challenged, that people ask me for a link to the music I play at the office or random events I help with.


Retirement Music

A list of songs I have heard one too many times but want to keep around to prove I was cool once. 

Rummikub Playlists

If you are over for a game night this is what we are going to be listening to.

Just That Chill

If that game night turns into a 4 hour event we are going to switch over to this playlist. 

Chill Out 

What I am going to be listening to on Sunday morning as I'm making pancakes.

Start The Day Our Right

My antidote to waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Jazz, Tea, and Books

If I'm going to listen to music while I read this is what's going to be on.

Get Things Done

When it's time to check things off the to-do list this playlist will be the only thing in my ears.