Retirement Music

A list of songs I have heard one too many times but want to keep around to prove I was cool once. 

Rummikub Playlists

If you are over for a game night this is what we are going to be listening to.

Just That Chill

If that game night turning into a 4 hour event we are going to switch over to this playlist. 

Chill Out 

What I am going to be listing to on Sunday morning as I'm making pancakes. 

Start The Day Our Right

My antitdite to waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Jazz, Tea and Books

If I'm going to listen to music while I read this is what's going to be on. 

Get Things Done

When it's time to check things off the list this playlist will be the only thing in my ears. 


To often I would like to by a friend a gift but don't know what to get them. I'm then going to spend 15 minutes on amazon trying to figure out what they want and end up buying a Tchotchke that will probably end of in the back of their junk draw. This just seems like a bad system to me. 

So I decided to publish my Amazon wish lists to people don't have to play this same game with me. 

What's Up With No Shoes

Turns out that there are many good reason to skip the shoes and go with what nature gave you. 

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In short, I believe that our feet are a stunning piece of biological evolution and are better serve me in walking then anything humans have designed. Shoes act as handcuffs for my feet and limit their their vast abilities in helping me get from place to place.  

Here are just a few reasons why I choose to go barefott a good part of the time or ware zero shoes. 

Design: Shoes greatly limit our foots abilty to funtion to its fullest. Limiting micro mussel, lossing sessory input and not allowing the foot to bend are just a few ways shoes take away from the foots extsive caplbities. 

Impact: When I walk with no shoes I tend to use a midfood strike over a heel strike. This enable my foot to act a shock absorber for my whole body. 

Connection: No shoes mean I feel the ground around me which helps me connect more with my surroundings. 

Speed: Hiking becomes a step by step process without shoes. With shoes I can stroll aimlessly without paying attention to this next step. I just can't do that with no shoes on. 

Grounding: While this might be sudo science the effects of earthing or grounding (echange of charged ions with the earth) do seem to have atleast a benifishal plaslibo effect on me. 

Reflexology: Again i'm unsure on the vality of claims reflexolgy (massaging presure points effects diffrent parts of the body) makes but there might be something to them. 

The Gear:

While I like bare feet I don't always have that option so for a few years not I have been wearing zero shoes which are a close to barefoot as I have been able to get. I made these myself a few years back and they have served me quite well shoeing surpising little ware after hundres of miles of walking/running. Here is some more info.