Sleepless? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Total peace of mind is just a few decibels away. 

Fill your headspace with positive intentions and mindful mantras using our audio yoga nidras that are designed to go with you everywhere. 

Whether on break at the office or winding down after a long day, cue up My Yoga Nidra to promote slow, steady breathing and ground you in the present moment. 
For those who are experiencing difficulty sleeping, place your device near your bed and let the sounds of these guided meditations ease you into an easy dreamstate. 


The Story Behind My Yoga Nidra

From Paralyzing Panic to Empowering Calm

Yoga nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self healing. Yoga nidra is a prtayahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained and the mind is relaxed.
— Satyananda Saraswati

Hello, my name is Sherryl and like many people I came to yoga nidra after a traumatic event left me hurt and paralyzed by stress and panic attacks. After my divorce, overnight I became the primary caretaker and breadwinner for my two kids after years of being a stay-at-home-mom. My panic attacks left me unable to sleep and feeling powerless right when I wanted to be a strong and capable parent and role model for my children.

During one of these episodes, I remembered a breathing exercise from the one yoga class I had taken years before, and I focused all my attention on my breathing. I began to feel more calm almost immediately and it felt like a miracle. My whole exhausted system responded to that small shift of focus. 

I went home, did some research, and found how the science of breathing is connected to yoga. I enrolled in my first yoga teachers’ training the next day. One of the first styles in the training was yoga nidra, with its guided meditations. I sought out additional training, including voice training for meditation, and have been teaching it since 2010.

I have personally benefited immensely from yoga nidra. My hope is that through my recordings found on this website I will share those benefits with you! 

How To Practice Yoga Nidra


Find a space that will allow you to focus on your meditation without interruption. If you are able, lie on your back on your mat in corpse pose (savasana), with shoulderblades broad and flat against the ground with chest open and raised, chin tilted toward chest and neck relaxed, arms at your sides with palms turned toward the ceiling, and legs fully extended. You may want to roll a towel or blanket  and place it under your knees or behind your neck and/or head. You may also recline in a chair with a headrest. 

Focus on relaxing your muscles and the tension points in the body: face muscles, jaw, shoulders, armpits, back, groin. Spend 3-5 minutes calming your mind, connecting with your body, and adjusting your senses to the space.

Step Two

Set your intention for this meditation, it may be to relax and restore balance and calm to your mind or to examine a particular sensation, emotion, or belief. Welcome this intention and affirm it with your whole being, experiencing the moment as if it were already true. 

Begin your chosen yoga nidra recording.

Step Third

When you are ready, transition back to waking life. Open your eyes, bend your knees, and roll to your side before slowly sitting up. Allow yourself time to reorient to your surroundings and be filled with gratefulness for this time of self-care.


Yoga Nidra Videos

Our eyes and ears receive over 30,000 audiovisual messages in any given day. By engaging the majority of the senses into one focused, mindful practice, our video yoga nidras will help you to center your thoughts and actions into a calming space that is safe for reflection. 

Immerse yourself in any one of our video offerings and experience the shift that occurs when we use awareness of breath to calm the body, mind, and spirit. 


Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra begins with your personal intention for each meditation session. This means the benefits are highly personalized, with possibilities including healing emotional hurts, reducing stress, rewiring your brain, and improving mind-body connection. By cultivating multiple levels of well-being through yoga nidra, you will access the following benefits:

Relaxation, Restoration, Stress Reduction

Recorded yoga nidra meditations guide you through breathing awareness and stages of mindful body scan to calm the nervous system, leading to stress reduction and access to peaceful relaxation and restoration. With yoga nidra’s promotion of deep relaxation, it can be used as an aid to overcome trouble falling asleep and to manage anxious thoughts, which often prevent the necessary renewal of mind and body



With your personal intention kept in the forefront of your conscious, yoga nidra offers an opportunity to explore what you need in the moment and to release long-held, hurtful emotions. During yoga nidra you are able to access and examine four layers of existence and self-- physical, energetic, higher wisdom, and bliss body--in pursuit of a more wholesome self relationship.

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