Future Jobs

A List Of Possible Future Jobs:

  • Become a day-of coordinator.
    • Weddings
  • Disaster Relief Coordinator 
  • What if my job was to help people implement technological solutions in their business. I might not be able to be build the technology that changes the way we work might I might be able to help bring it to the people. Spencer Field is a technology consultant.
  • Small Business Startup Consultant hired by NGO 
    • Entrepenership In South Aferica 

How can I start acting like the person that I want to be? Why can I feel the way I want to feel one day right now. 

These thought came to me the other day when watching a video following Tim Harris throughout a day. 

Here are some notes I jotted down: 

  • Plan my diet.
  • Work on personal development for an hour.
  • Don't binge out on media