2017 Back Packing Trip

Meet at sprint session
Talk to Bill and guy
Eat at O'coroners
Go to margos
Repack on the floor
eat ice cream cake
talk about nick names
sleep in the basment
take up
make blue berry pancakes with liza ice rcream
drive out in guys and girls car
stop for gas in howell
talk about moving to howel sign
Tiny house and trailer place
pass wind mill farm
ratel snake paste
stop a big boy
look for sandwich place
eat at subway with one person making food and constent door dinging
drive to trail head
eat lunch
take picture of the jockes
load of backbacks
take starting picture
nate put line in the sand
spencer start with backpacking lead too far ahead
massive hills

Meditation Compendium

Spencer's Process:

  • Sitting Posture 
    • Upright
    • Embodying what you are looking for
    • Sift so you are comfortable
  • Breath
    • 3 Deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Trying to make a sound.
  • Mind
    • Start with letting it wonder. Maybe write out what is distracting you. 
    • Gladden The Mind
    • Set your intention. 

Meditation Themes 

  • Yes, meditation. Say yes to every experience then accept it. 
  • 4 Dimensions 
    • Knowing that I am 3 dimensions. 
    • Knowing that I am a 4th dimensions
    • Being in 4th dimensional space. 
    • Not trying to conceptualize 4th dimension. Rather just let it be. 

Spener's Mind: 

  • My mind boots free in the morning.
    • Can I let my mind boot with less processes. 
    • Can I stay didentified with them? 

Personal Identity

Opening thoughts. 

  • Who I am is ineffable. 
  • My identity is fluid. 
  • Built on core/underlying beliefs. 
  • Cultural, historical, genetic, chemical, physical, mental elements. 
  • Dertermanisum plays a roll


  • What composes a core identity?

Other Thoughts

People's political identity has shaped their core identity. That's sad.