Meditation Compendium

Meditation Overview: 

  • Focused attention meditation = Focusing on object
  • Open monitoring meditation - Observing surrounds without judgments or clinging
  • Effortless Presence - Attention  reposes on itself
  • Types
    • Zazen - Counting Breaths
    • Vipassana - Setting a primary object and allowing secondary objectives to arise and be released.
    • Mindfulness - Being in each moment as fully as possible. 
    • Metta - Sending loving kindness
    • Mantra - Focusing on a specific word and repeating it. 
    • Transcendental Meditation - Branded Mantra practise
    • Third Eye Meditation - Focusins atention to the third eye
    • Chakra Meditation - Fousuin on one or more of the chakras posibly with a mantra. 
    • Gazing Meditation (Trataka) - Starting at an object with eyes open. Closing eyes and continuing to visualize it. 
    • Kundalini Meditation - Complex process
    • Kriya Yoga - Meditation with a set of movments, mantra, breaths
    • Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga) - Listening to external sounds, transiptions to listening to internal sounds - goal is to "hear" “Ultimate Sound” (para nada), which is a sound without vibration, and that manifests as “OM”.
    • Tantra - Huge varity
    • Pranayama - Breathing in patterns
    • I Am - “I” is focusing on itself in the ineffable self
    • Emptiness meditation - Allow mental, sensations, and emotions to empty
    • Visualization - visualizing objects of relationships of objects
    • Inner Vision - visualizing your physical inner body and energy flows. 
    • Internal Alchemy - Complex process
    • Qigong - Complex process - tending to interlink energy, breath and movement
    • Contemplative prayer - repetition of sacred words or sentences
    • Contemplative reading - Intentional reading
    • Sitting with God - Sitting in the presence of God
    • Guided Meditations - 




  • Pride is thinking of oneself as fundamentally superior to another. 
  • Most people are superior to other in some areas. Fully living into this is not pride. 
  • Think that someone is fundamentally inferior is pride. 
  • Think that someone is inferior in a given area is not pride.  

4 Pillars Of Meaning

  • Belonging - valued for your very beinghood. 
    • Independent of thoughts, actions, deeds, beliefs. If depended then it is "Imposter Belonging."
    • Harmed by "microrejections" like not making eye contact. 
  • Purpose - About giving to others.  
    • Maybe all real purpose are fundamentally the same (service to others). and the only thing that changes in the means of services to others. 
    • Using your strengths to serve others.
  •  Transcendence - Connection to a higher reality. 
    • About feeling part of something beyond ourselves.
  • Storytelling - The stories you tell yourself about yourself. 
    • How you became who you are. 
    • Have impacts on all areas of life.