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The Art Of Innovation By Tom Kelly

The Art Of Innovation

To be fair I did much more skimming then reading of this book. 


  • Brainstorming tips
    • Sharpen the focuse - Have  clear problem statment
    • Keep it light - this is not a normal meeting make it a game. No debating or slapping down ideas. 
    • Number each idea - Set a goal of ideas to reach. 
    • Build and Jumps - Ideas build on each other and creat expinatonal jumps in invocation. Go for a streak goal.
    • Us a not system that shows the flow and interconnectedness of ideas - Levage the power of spatial memory.
    • Spend som time up front getting the juices flowing. 
    • Get Physical - Skectching, mind mapping, diagrams, stick figures
  • Brainstorming no nos
    • Don't let the boss speak first. 
    • Don't let the conversation be dominated by a few people. 
    • Don't ba snob. Bring in people who have direct expirence with the topic even if there office is not in the Csuite row. 
    • Off sites brainstorming is not needed. - You want the energy to buzz through the office. Not stay at the ski lodge. 
    • Some silly stuff is needed. Velcor dipers are a go
    • Don't write everything down. It distracts you from the moment.  

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