Well That Happened Today

Sunday | The Day I Spent In My Parked Car Listening To NPR And Doing Car Yoga

What I Watched: 

What I Did Today: 

  • Decided not to go to yoga. 
  • Luxuriated on my yoga matt in the morning sun while drinking bulletproof coffee and listening to Onbeing. 
  • Went to Merge at Cornerstone
    • Read a story to the class. Library story time style
    • Talking about death penalty.  
  • Grab lunch with Jorden Robertson at Olgas and talked about the right way to valuate an activity in the context of society. 
  • Drank a London Fog Latte while working on my Life Management System tasks
  • Drove to a parking lot at listened to This American Life for an hour will napping and finding the best way do yoga in my car.
  • Chilled at the office for a few hours
  • Walked to dinner with Bridget and Eva to round out Yoga teacher training. 

Some Thoughts I Had Today:

  • A conversations regarding what it means to be a good human in a functional society are good even if they are in a religious environment. 
  • Pastors who don't spend an hour proof texting to a group of people might be worth listening to. 
  • If you aren't changing your options often your probably not reading enough. - Chris Winans 
  • I prefer to listen to the same program live on the radio then to listen to the same program on a podcaset. Even though I lose some control. 
  • I'm living out of rest of my life.

Some Of The Photos I Took Today: 

I'm well aware that I spelled something wrong.