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Catch Phrases and Bio for Spencer Field

Catch Phrases:

  • Make the invisible visible

  • Let's untangle some stuff

  • Value - is get the bank for your buck

  • Spencer writes "5 ways your fucking" up not "5 ways you make your life better" And then give alt in summery

  • Spencer is the bad cop

  • Blunt | I may not tell you what you want to hear I am going to tell you what you need hear. I don't tell them what they wanted to hear I told them what they needed to hear. And I know that because I listened.

  • Hunter Guy who goes and get ists - Opertaion person

  • Dependable Do what they say they are going to do .

  • Spontaneous In The Kitchen

  • Accidental Yoga Teacher

  • Bad Buddhist


Unsorted and Random Personal Branding Ideas

  • Sundays nights with Spencer Show…. 8pm?