I Listen to a lot of Podcasts

Some people listen to music, other listen to the radio. I listen to an absence about of podcasts. On an average day I will get about 3 hours worth of listening in. Most of the time I will be listening to some sort of podcasts that i'm leaning from but when it comes to evening listening give me a story podcast and a hot tea. 

This is a collection of the some of podcasts that am listening to. I have tired to give a good overview of each one and give some categories for you do preview by. 

If you have any new podcast recommendation drop me a note. 


My Top Podcasts

These are the podcasts that I spend the most time listening to me. Many of them have shaped who I am today and I am deeply thankful for each one. 


Learning Podcasts

While I don't listen to the news I do listen to these podcasts which cover a wide range of topics. 



Story Podcasts

Story Podcasts

Storeis enchant me and when I am ready to unwind at the end of the day or am laying in a hamock out in the woods you will often find me listing to one of these podcasts. 

Story Podcasts