Projects I'm Building


Projects Which Are Running On Autopilot

ACE Debate Team

Policy debate was a life saver for me in highschool. After debating for a few years and graduating college I now teach a weekly class of highschool students how to debate public policy and how to win a public speach competition. This is one of my three largest passion projects. And of course I built a community page for it. 

Sprint Session

"Sprint Session is a 60-minute session where you solve a problem by developing a product as a team. You'll team up with others to create a new solution to a given problem." 

That's what I wrote on the facebook page when Bill Hamway and I cameup with the idea. Here is the website Bill create for the event.  

Doubt On Tap


An attempt to build an intellectually engaging community, Doubt On Tap is a spin off of a group which meet monthly in Ann Arbor. 

Our version of this event has a group of people talking about some esotaric topic for an hour while drink beer at Brewery Becker. 

Hero Round Table

Yet another international orgnasation which I got myself wrapped up in. Hero Round Tables is the TED of personal devlopment and leadership. 

Outside of helping with HRT online marketing I also run operations at the Michigan conference (which i find to be a blast). 

Brighton Optimist Scholarship

This is an oritorical and essay competition scholarship for students around Livingston County. Annually $1,000 is given locally and the students can go on to win more at higher levels. 

I had no idea how hard it was to give away money to highschool students. Here is the community page that I built. 



I should put somthing here. 

Brighton Ultimate Frisbee League 


I grew up playing Ultimate Frisbee and as there was no local team in Brighton MI, so I made one. With over 150 members I would call this a successful social enterprise. 

Improve Brighton

Improve is not only outragious to watch it seems to be a good way to get people outside of their comfort zones and having fun. Thus I started a local improv group witth the incomprable Bill Hamway. 

Walk For Freedom


Turns out that Michigan has the second highest rate of Human trafficking outside of Nevada. That made me mad so I teamed up with Amy Savin to host and anual event to raise money to preent and awareness of human trafficking in Michigan. This is part of the A21 movement. Yes I built a community page about this too.  

Blacklisted Remarks


Essenaly an hour long rant in the form of a podcast with Nick Stumphauzer where we talk about some topic like the inherent value (or lack thereof) of a human life.


Projects In Retirment

Add Speed


Business networking group for business people in Livingston County.

Brighton Chamber Amabasador 


Guding new business in the local ears to connect to business ervices and engage with the brighton chamber. Oh and to give them a gift bag full of junk. Execept the saual. That is the good part. 

Brains And Beer

The precursor to the aforementioned doubt on tap. 

Service Corditator

Took me a minute to remember what this was. During 2015 and 2016 I worked as an unpaided staff member of one of the fasting growing and largest church in the US as a services corditnator. Which simply means it was my role to ensure that 12 teams with 130 volunteer members worked in a semi-seamless fashion to ensure that the church services went smoothly. Everything that was not on stage or happening with the kids was under my watchful eye. 

Deeply enjoyed this role and I was rather good at it. After a year of leading my relationship with religion shifted and trained and then handed off the role to my replacement. 


I got sick of the incessant emails from our local chamber of commerce telling me about all of the events happening so I did something about it and create a single email and video that outlined all of the envents for the week. 

After more than a year of running it (and having a blast doing it) I pulled the plug as it was not getting me the ROI that I wanted. 

Business Mastermind Groups

One of the few  retirend projects that I wished had workedout.,.. With the help of the Brighton Chamber I orangaised and ran 3 Mastermind groups for a little more then a year. Over time and due to bad pairing on my part the group become less active. If you don't know what a mastermind is shame on you. Go read this. 

Sigma Rho Sigma

A college group run out of 2|42 community church. A fun colab between myself and Zach Roster that is still going strong today in a rebranded form under the guidence of Matt Simonson.