Tiny House or Van Camper

I think it would be great to live in a tiny house or a converted sprinter van. I have spent way to much time research this idea and way too little time taking action on it. 


  • Stopped in a tiny house workshop in Ann Arbor and then grabbed coffee with the founders (Derek Sanborn,  Casey Walton) who are trying to start a tiny house community. 
  • Built out a shed the parents own to investigate spacing ideas.
  • Conversated my sub compact hatchback Toyota Yaris into an overnight camper. A few interesting night spent in it so far. 
  • Visited two tiny house in Whitemore Lake, MI. 


Service Coordinator

I worked as an unpaided staff member of one of the fasting growing and largest church in the US as a services corditnator. Which simply means it was my role to ensure that 12 teams with 130 volunteer members worked in a semi-seamless fashion to ensure that the church services went smoothly. Everything that was not on stage or happening with the kids was under my watchful eye.