Active Projects

One of my driving beliefs is that the world should be a better place because by the time I go to bed each day. These projects are just some of the ways I embody that belief. 


Projects Which Are Running On Autopilot

These are some projects which I have built from the ground up and are now running on their own with only a little active involvement on my part. 


Projects In retirement

Here I list some projects which have run their course and are either in the hands of another team or are inactive. 

What Is The Social Media Canvas? 

Social Media Canvas is a one-page social media plan. This one-page canvas gives "main street" businesses a simple way to plan out an overarching social media plan without having to know the ins and outs of social media marketing. 

Social Media Canvas (click to enlarge)

For larger businesses the Social Media Canvas helps ground conversations about social media marketing, acting as a principles document to frame the conversation.  

Van Life Map

Van Life Map is a crowdsourced resource for nomads of all types.

Here is a direct link to the map. 

On this map you can find places to sleep and work. Sometimes other special locations, like showers, also make it on to the map.

To learn more or to contribute, contact Spencer Field. 

Contributors To Van Life Map

Blacklisted Remarks Podcast

This podcast is the brain child of Nick Stumphauzer and Spencer Field. It's recorded irregularly and with poor audio. Regardless, some find it interesting to listen to these esoteric musing on topics like determinism, the potential existence of truth, and racial profiling.


What is the Livingston County Meditation Group...

Our intention is to bring people from all demographics within the community together to experience the many benefits of meditation in a community setting with a basic, non-committal structure and to provide on-going education, which sets us apart from other meditation groups.


Basic Event Information...

Date: First Wednesday of each month
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Cost: No charge
Overview: Improve resilience and relaxation, while reducing stress to enhance well-being of body, mind and spirit. You will learn from individual teachers each month on different topics and meditation styles, practice new skills with a short practice new skills to try learned skills.

Contact: David Kent at (810) 422-7439

Frequently Asked Question...

Is this a religious gathering? 
No, this is a non-denominational group. We encourage any and all people within the community from all religious backgrounds to attend as desired. 

I've never meditated before, how will I benefit from this?
Absolutely! Our intention is to appeal to everyone by offering a taste of different techniques and styles of meditation so you find something that feels right for you to try on your own. Studies show that meditation can increase brain activity, reduce stress and calm the mind. No matter if you have meditated before or not, these classes will be basic enough for the beginner with some new things for the experienced meditator. In addition, meditating with a group may have a benefit of feeling more connected. Since this is a community event, we are interested in our community coming together from all walks of life for just one hour per month.

What ages are welcome?
Ages 16-116

May I bring my kids with me? Is there childcare?
Childcare is not available. If you intend to join us, please bring your kids who are over the age of 16 years old. 

Do I have to sit on the floor?
No. We will have chairs available for those who prefer not to sit on the floor. We will accommodate both.

What if I am late, may I still come in after the starting time of the group?
Yes, please join us. Though for the respect of everyone, please do so quietly and mindfully so we keep disruption to a minimum.

Feel free to call David at: (810) 422-7439 if you have any other questions. 

Ready To Join Us...

No registration required. You are invited to attend and check us out each month to take time out of your busy life for yourself, learn something new as well as posiblay make new firends. 

2017 Schedule

  • June 7
  • July 5 
  • August 2
  • September 6
  • October 4
  • November 1
  • December 6


  • Wear comfortable clothing. 
  • Leave your cell phone in your car or please turn it to silent upon entering group.
  • Bring a cushion if you would like to sit on the floor, though not required. 
  • Chairs will be available.


Our Bios 


David Kent

David Kent is employed as a Financial Planner with LPL Financial.  He has a long standing interest in Yoga and meditation, and he enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for them with others.  On the professional side, he gets satisfaction by helping those who have an interest in Socially Responsible Investing. He is a long time Genesee county resident who has recently moved to Livingston County.


Jill Haas

Jill is the founder of Haas Transformation Academy, INC, a wellness coaching practice for health care professionals, organizations and other busy individuals showing them how to build resilience, increase energy and stress less so they can accomplish more.  She is currently developing the health care professionals program with EquuSpirit Partnership to incorporate leadership and stress reduction for holistic, personal and professional wellness. Jill is also a registered nurse in the State of Michigan with over twenty years of experience and a resident of Livingston County. She is passionate about the overall well-being of people and animals and practices a body, mind and spirit approach in all that she does.

When Jill is not with the horses, you may find her meditating, doing yoga or networking with her tribe while enjoying an almond milk latte and having deep, life-changing conversations.


Spencer Field 

Spencer Field learned to meditate back in college and tends to meditate at least an hour a day. He's recently become a yoga nut and pursuing his yoga teacher training through Brighton Yoga Center.

When he's not sitting cross-legged on a meditation cushion or contorting himself into strange shapes on a yoga mat, he works as a marketing consultant at Orange Cube Group.

Pitch Livingston 2017 Was A Success!

Check out news coverage and photos below. Want to come to the next event? Like the Facebook page to stay in touch.  


So What Is Pitch Livingston?

Using a ‘Shark Tank’ style approach, Livingston County entrepreneurs & businesses will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, hoping to take home a $5,000 cash prize and in-kind services!


I'm an entrepreneur, where do I go to apply to win the $5k?

Who will be attending this event?
Your local community - friends, family, businesses, residents, government groups, and organizations.

How many winners will there be?
There will be one grand prize winner that receives $5,000 cash and in-kind services.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? - be sure to put Pitch Livingston in the subject line.

How do I get tickets?
We made it easy. Head over here:

Pitch Livingston News Coverage 

Here are some news locations that picked up on the event:

Pitch Livingston Recap 


Here Are The People & Business's Who Make This Event Happen. 

These business enabled us to make this event happen. If you benifit from this event to say thank you. 


Pitch Judges

The judges at Pitch Livingston help I'm from a wide range of backgrounds and tend to ask some pretty difficult questions.