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That Watch

This is my go to watch. It stands out and is a great conversation starter. Amazon

Work Stuff

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The Cheap Tripod Everyone Should Have

This is the best tripod I have used for $25 bucks. Amazon

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Business Card Holder

You know you need to bring business cards. Just keep them with your phone. I also keep my ID and Debt card in this. Amazon

Power Cable Organizer 

This is the best $13 I have spent in a long time. Quirky

From My Pile Of Books 

Business Model Generation

Have a business idea? Go read this book. Amazon

Getting Things Done

If you don't want to live your life by your checklist read this book. Amazon


Random Stuff

A Stick Toothbrush

A Miswak stick make a great toothbrush to keep in the car. It's naturaly antimicrobial and don not need toothpast. Amazon

Home Made Shoes

If you did not make your own shoes you are missing out on life. Xero Shoes

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Yoga Ball Chair

If your not standing while you work you better be sitting on a yoga bal. Amazon

The Only Way I Clean My Glasses

Someone gave me a few of these Mirafiber cloths a few  years ago and I used them daily. Until I lost them... Took me a few years to find them again but now that I have there back into heavy use. Amazon

The best black tea that will ever pass over your lips. Amazon



Phone Service Republic Wireless

I've used Republic Wireless as my phone carrier for years. What makes republic different is simple. Whenever you are connected to WiFi your phone will us the WiFi for calls, texts and searches which saves them (and thus you) a ton on network costs. 

Republic also uses a payback program so if there is any data that you do not use by the end of the month they will pay you back down to 1/10 of a GB. Learn More