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That Watch

This is my go to watch. It stands out and is a great conversation starter. Amazon

Work Stuff

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The Cheap Tripod Everyone Should Have

This is the best tripod I have used for $25 bucks. Amazon

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Business Card Holder

You know you need to bring business cards. Just keep them with your phone. I also keep my ID and Debt card in this. Amazon

Power Cable Organizer 

This is the best $13 I have spent in a long time. Quirky

From My Pile Of Books 

Business Model Generation

Have a business idea? Go read this book. Amazon


Random Stuff

A Stick Toothbrush

A Miswak stick make a great toothbrush to keep in the car. It's naturaly antimicrobial and don not need toothpast. Amazon

The Only Way I Clean My Glasses

Someone gave me a few of these Mirafiber cloths a few  years ago and I used them daily. Until I lost them... Took me a few years to find them again but now that I have there back into heavy use. Amazon

Home Made Shoes

If you did not make your own shoes you are missing out on life. Xero Shoes

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Yoga Ball Chair

If your not standing while you work you better be sitting on a yoga bal. Amazon