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Spencer The Organizer

Spencer tends to be the "Social Organizer" in is friend group. While he doesn't mind the work he does like enjoy when other valuable him enough to invite him on a social activity that he is not responsible for. Spencer sees this as affirming his value apart from utilitarian benefits.

Enoughness in The Social Sphere

During the opening chapters of Spencer life moved a lot, found it difficult to relate to his chronological peers, and was home schooled leading to Spencer having a scarcity mindset in socializing with others. This felt internal void is then is then stuffed with all varieties of social interaction in the hopes that the void will be filled. At this point Spencer does not know what the state of enoughness is defined as but does know that voids are an integral part of the human experience and are not dessaly engaged with by trying to fill them.

Spencer a Friend of Spencer

  • Be a refugee unto yourself

  • Enoughness

  • Working out with Spencer

Online Dateing

  • “I like your bio, it’s very interesting and I feel like I already know a little about you.”

Δ In Good Social Activities


oing noting for extended periods of time is not restorative for Spencer. Mission/goal oriented vacations are the best for Spencer.

Spencer's List Of Vacations

  • Snow Camping

  • Hiking The Application Train

  • Van Life In Kentucky

  • Hamway Camping Trip

Spencer Field's Definition of Friendship:

Someone I can put down as a emergency contact and visa versa.

Someone I can call in the middle of the night if I freakout and visa versa.

Somone who I can call on a Sunday morning and ask out to brunch.

Unsorted And Random Social Ideas

  • When plans change last minute

  • I am going to go live an awesome life with or without you. Do you want to join in? If so lets go do this. If not feel free to go live your awesome life.

  • Why don’t other lead group social activities. Or why am I not invited to them

  • It would be really helpful to know what people are saying about me behind my back

  • It would be really helpful to know what people are saying about me behind my back

Types Of People



Old White Guy

Red Neck

Some people are painful timid

Coffee Shops

What am I looking for in a coffee shop.

  • Work Styles

    • Bland

      • Biggby or Mcdonalds

    • Social

      • Roos Roaster

    • Hipster

      • Mighty Good

      • Mad Cap

      • New Order

Different types of coffee shops

  • Quirky

  • Hipster

  • Strip Mall

  • Internet Cafe