Next Steps In Spencer Field's Career


  • Experiment and data gather.

  • Work for some name brand teams to build creditability - Google? Major consulting form?

  • International work

  • Run my own business again?

  • Side gigs

  • Working in a startup

  • SPARK looks interesting

  • I don’t want to be the “marketing guy” forever.

Spencer Field At The Michigan Small Business Devlopment Center


  • Flexibility - Self directed

  • Varibality in client type and problem.

  • The constant challange

  • Have few mission critical projects at any given time.

  • The ablity to move at a slow pase if I want. The slow pace - Lots of meandering in the work place. If I exeret myself I can be as or more produtive then thouse around me.

  • Having a stable income and befits not connected to the mood of my clients.

  • Room for growth / Opportunities

Need Improvement:

  • Bad Tech

  • Lack of clarity in role

  • Grazing

  • Lack of change / follow through

  • Collective Fiction

  • Pick your battles, we change that, it someone else fault, Slow moving change, ignoring broken laws

  • Lack of clear next steps

  • Time spent traveling

  • Soft core. Not a feeling of let's go kill it. Not "Cleaning out the cob webs"

  • Not around people who are “Crushing” it. I don’t want to absorb burcatic juice

  • Water cool, gossip, can you believe they did that,

  • Culture of interruption

  • No one is pushing me or calling me to something greater.

  • Pretending to care about things I don’t care.

  • Social obligation to sit at lunch and talk about Game Of Throwns to remain connected.

  • No social peers

  • Working sabbatical

  • I understand marketing but I don’t really understand sales. I should get some more training.