There is value in having a 1, 5 and 10 year plan. Spencer has spent significants amount of time to make these and has not found a grounded honest expression of where he would like to go. Spencer feels it like trying to pick a cruse from a list of options, except the list of options is in Cyrillic and you only read English. Spencer thinks this means he need more data.

While he is collecting more data in the form of experience he does know a few next steps that he does need to take. This is that list.

Spencer Field Known Next Steps

This list is a mess and needs to be cleaned up. If you have any organizing ideas let Spencer know.


Spencer Field's 10 Year Goals

  • Parter

  • House

  • Professional Team

  • Reason to Wakeup

  • Understand Me - Personal Plan

  • Living Live With A Community

  • Prasueing "What If's" And Working on the Cool Projects I Have

  • Being known for who I am.