The Three Flavors Of Meaning

There are two flaorvor of meaning as Spencer sees it. "M"eaning is meta meaning that spanse space and time. This flavor of meaning tends to only come within a religious construct where the everything does not end in heat death and there is an organizing system of entity (say a God) that dictates a meaning.

The second flavor of meaning is "m"eaning which is the meaning that individual or groups prescribe onto the world around them. This can look be as simple as saying this song has "meaning" to an individual, or saying that that they believe the meaning of their life is to life is to be happy.

Now that Spencer think about it there is probably a third flavor meaning which is causation meaning. This type of meaning is where we take a set of evidence, data, observations or observation and through a process of mental connections say that this informations leads us to a conclusion. That conclusion might be called the "meaning" of that data.

Spencer Meaning Of Life

Spencer had a great run as a protestant. During his tenure in the church he was able to find a sense of "M"eaning as outlined in the bible (or at least his understanding of it). Post existing organized religion Spencer has struggles to find a "M"eaning that has the same universal backing that he had when he was a Protestant.

As of now Spencer is a bit of a Nihilist in that he believes there is no "M"eaning to life but we can create "m"eaning for ourselves if we want. However this lesser (or maybe not lesser) version of meaning does not hold the same worth as it is derived from a personal or communal truth that is not reflected in universal truth.

So to answer this question in one line: Spencer does not thinking there is a "M"eaning to life and he does not have any major "m"eanings to life at the moment but thinks he might one day.

Fulfilling day vs. Fofilling life

What Spencer "Gives A Shit About"

Late in 2018 Kevin Suboski and Spencer where chatting at Cultivate Coffee chatting about the Entrepreneurial Operating System and specifically how business is build of many individuals each of which have their own unique schemas. At the time Spencer was struggling to decided if he was going to go work at the Michigan SBDC and was working to figure out what he wanted in his life. Kevin made the comment that people build their life around "what they give a shit about" and challenged Spencer to create a list of what he gives a "shit about" Spencer struggled to give an answer and Kevin reframed the question around people that Spencer gives a shit about. Spencer could have given a bullshit answer but could not produce an honest list of people that he really "gave a shit" about. Looking back Spencer thinks that he was mentally defining "shit" wrong and is working to document his "Give About Shit List" now.

Energy Expenditures

"If you want to see your priorities watch your pocketbook, your calendar and what you think about" - Every Protestant Pastor Ever

In my quest to find the meaning of my life (*internal snickering at how millennial that sounds*) I thought I would start observing how I spend my mental energy and see what trend lines pop up. 

Spencer Life Goals

  • Life goal - be able to live in synce with the rhythm of life. If it's a rainy day and I'm feeling tired I want to be able to live in sync with that.

  • Be able to wakeup. Relax and go into life without having to gear up against the world.

  • Living a meaningful life might be a biting off more then I want at the moment. Maybe starting with living a meaningful next step.