What I Get Paid For

I'm a Field. Fields are eternally doing projects and I am no exception. Some pay me and others don't. Here is what I actually get paid for. 


Building Websites

As an owner of the Orange Cube Group I get to help businesses grow and tell stories by creating websites. Businesses hire me to update or create a website for them.

Web Developers are a dime a dozen. When clients work with me they can expect to build their website in one, hardcore day with a team of experts that are not afraid to use prosumer tools. 

google Marketing 

I have been using Google to grow businesses since I was in high school. Not only do I teach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Listing tactics to other online marketing organizations, I get to manage some solid AdWords campaigns for clients all over the world.



Operations Coaching

There are few thing more beautiful than a well-built and updated system. I find so much joy in helping others create, and more importantly implement, systems that leverage both people and technology.

It's been a great gift to take this joy of mine and get paid by some businesses to review their business top-to-bottom, not only making recommendations that will help them make a bigger difference in the world but stay with them throughout the implementation process.