Some Of Spencer’s Thought on The Brain

Spencer believes that our brains our for experiencing, building connections and conclusions, and feeling. Furthermore Spencer believes that our brains our not best used for remembering items we can find in <60 seconds on Google/Wikipedia.

Brains can get stuck in thought cycles and of ideas that need to be externalized to clear them out.

A mind dump is like taking a purse turning it upside down and shaking and writing/drawling and working with everything that comes out that when the purse it turned upright there are less mental crumbs rolling around to get stuck under our brains fingernails as we use it.

Ought List

Many people have an internal sub form channel or line of internal monolog about all of the the things they should do and haven’t done. This list is then used as barbs on the wipe we use to flog ourselves about how bad of humans we are.

Be externalizing these items we untie them from the masochistic mental wip we have and put then in a format we can start dealing with them. This is my list of items that keep coming up in mind dumps that I use as mental barbs to flog myself.