Spencer And Food

Food Allergies

  • No medical food allergies.

  • Prefer to avoid dairy.


Caffeine has no positive effects on Spencer. Spencer also likes the taste of coffee and thus often has poor effects because he consumes caffeine.

As a human with Asperger’s I can attest that caffeine has little or no effect on me. The exception is if caffeine is consumed in high qualities in which case I find myself in with the common caffeine jitters that neurotypical individuals report.

In the past I found that caffeine acted as a sedative to me.

Caffeine + empty stomach = headache

Diet Experiments

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Ketogenic

    • Two different Maco counts

  • Mediterranean

Current Nutrition Plan

Commitment and Nutrition plans for Spencer at antithetical at the moment as he experiments to see what best serves him.

Regardless of the current structure Spencer leans vegetarian as he believes this is more environmentally responsible and a more ethical diet.

Slow Carb Diet is the current name of the game.

Kitchen Notes

These notes belong some other place on this website but until hey have a home their going here.

  • Spencer is Spontaneous in the kitchen

Spencer and Sleep

Preparing For Sleep

  • Have the intention of preparing for sleep.

  • Turn off the tech.

  • Mute the audio

  • Don't eat 2 hours before bed.

  • Drink some water

  • Do a mind dump / plan the next day.

  • Housework - embodied work.


  • Head elevate above feet.

  • Hard bed of floor.

  • Cool room

  • Pitch black

  • On my back or side.

  • Heavy blanket

  • A blanket to snuggle with

  • 8 Hours

Waking Up

The first 30 minutes of my day are a sensitive time for me. Often I lash myself for not being as productive as I could have been.

  • Set alarm and then snooze for 10 minutes for my head to takeup.

  • Alarm two get out of bed and drink water and move my body.


  • Regarding the difficulty of setting to sleep intention.

Barometric Pressure

While Spencer has yet to see strong evidence for this he can anecdotally report that when a barometric presume changes he seems to have increased brain fog and lethargy. This has been observed most when moving into or out of a rain storm system.

NOAA 3 Day Weather History

Spencer And Chiropractic Care

Issues List

  • Rear pelvic tilt

  • Resting slouch - head drops forward and chest rotates back.

  • Left side of body raised

  • One leg is longer then the other

  • Crooked face

  • Crooked Smile

  • Right knee does not like me.

  • Foot strike / Foot Lock

  • Right Elbow when lifting heavy things.

  • Sitting alternatives

  • Sitting in car.

Spencer And Exercise

I like.

  • To pick up really heavy stuff.

  • I like full body moments.

  • Moving my body in planes of movement that I ignore during the day.

  • Being in the flow

Time Farris 4 Hour Body Workout

Great 8 minute overview of the 4 Hour Body. Great overview of the 4 Hour Body here.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

  • 75 kettlebell swings

  • 10 myotatic crunches

  • 10 cat vomits

Extra Items

  • 500 Meter Sprints on the Erg

  • 1 Mile rune

  • 20 Minute Jog

Personal Best Tracker

Spencer And Medical Care

Items To Review:

  • Right Knee

  • Melanoma