Van Life Map

The Van Life Map is a crowdsourced resource for nomads of all types.


Why Is the VAn Life Map A Thing?


Living the #VanLife (linked) is a rich, exploratory experience that leads to personal growth and enhanced freedom. But the van life is also full of challenges and pain points, which is why this resource was created; to help people be prepared and feel confident living a life on the road.


What is The Van Life Map?


Our Van Life Map is an open-source tool for people living the van life. Functionally, it's a custom Google Map with parking, working, and other interesting locations highlighted by fellow van adventurers.


Who Is Behind The Van Life Map?


There's an ever-evolving community of van lifers who grow, manage, and add data to the map. The idea originated with Spencer Field, who continues to guide the map's evolution and maintain community guidelines. 

Here's a few of those Van Life Map contributors: 


Want To Add to the map?


This Van Life Map is only helpful because of the outstanding community of quirky, cool people who contribute their time and recommendations to the Map.

If you want to join this club of cool kids and help build the Van Life Map just fill out the form below to submit your idea. One of our admin team members will update the map and, once you've submitted 10 ideas, we'll invite you to be a Map team member. This will give you access to the Google Maps tools so you can directly add your ideas to the Van Life Map!

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